Life Coaching is a highly effective approach for assisting individuals to foster healthy lifestyle habits and find balance in many areas of their lives.

Based on the principles of hierarchical goal setting, support and accountability, and skills training, life coaching can help you clarify and work towards achieving goals important to you in your life. These strategies can offer you long-term vision and short-term motivation.

Goals can be set on a number of different levels and can encompass as many aspects of your life as may be important to you, including educational, work/career, family/relationships, financial, creative, and health and wellness. By setting a series of clearly defined goals, you will find that you can tangibly measure your progress and, with an increasing sense of personal mastery, recognize your ability to reach the targets you have set. Some of the new skills you may learn, such as self-awareness, stress management and effective communication, will bolster your self-confidence, and nurture your sense of personal satisfaction and self-fulfillment.

Could You Benefit from Life Coaching?

For the following, are your responses TRUE or FALSE: 

    1. My life doesn’t seem to have a real sense of meaning or purpose
    2. I feel ‘stuck’ and can’t seem to put my finger on what I want
    3. I am tired of procrastinating
    4. I feel like I’m settling for less than my potential
    5. I tend to be inconsistent with my self-care activities (e.g., diet, exercise, ‘down-time’, sleep)
    6. My work life is not satisfying
    7. I long for more intimate and loving relationships
    8. I often feel very emotionally reactive and wish I could respond with more grace and serenity to life’s challenges
    9. I tend to get thrown off track when I’m faced with obstacles or significant challenges in my life
    10. I want to feel inspired, confident, and motivated
    11. I want to feel balanced, contented, and joyful

If you responded YES to several of these statements, you may find that life coaching can help you to clarify areas you wish to change about yourself, unlock your inner potential, and gain skills that will offer you a more effective, balanced, and fulfilling life experience.

Some common life coaching areas include:

  • Stress management and life/work balance
  • Wellness and lifestyle (e.g., health/diet/exercise)
  • Relationships and intimacy
  • Family and parenting
  • Self confidence and communication skills
  • Career planning and development
  • Motivation and time management
  • Self awareness, self-confidence, and personal growth

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